The right people for the right job

I want to share my ideas on software testing. Software testing is in my blood, which a lot of people are really happy about because then they don’t have to test or test as much anyhow. To be perfectly honest, thats how I like it.

My soapbox topic this week to my client has been “make sure you use people who like testing software to perform any testing tasks”.

I have seen clients trying to save money by getting business or support to perform testing. This ‘cost cutting’ exercise often results in low quality testing and delayed projects.

Experience is required to understand what testing is trying to achieve. If you don’t get the concepts of a structured process its hard to be expected to pick up these skills immediately.

Also, more often than not, every excuse as to why the job can’t be done is thrown at you, which ends up delaying the project.

You wouldn’t normally ask a developer to system test, so why ask a production support person to?

Get the right person for testing and you will save yourself and everyone else around you a lot of heartache and more money at the end to celebrate the success.

my two (aussie) cents for the day….