Quality Coach #14

We're going with a Ted Lasso vibe this month.

This month's premium article is amplifying success.

Neil Younger has provided us with an excellent workshop and explainer to kick-start amplifying those positive vibes in your company. His article includes a short video explaining the workshop, plus a miro board to help you get started.

Neil has also kindly donated his writer's fee to two wannabe subscribers. If you're currently out of work and looking to jump into a quality coach role, email me at subscriptions.

End to End Testing & Pych Safety

Bonus premium article! This month explores the intersection between psychological safety and the need for end-to-end testing. TL: DR my hypothesis on a relationship between pych safety and the number of end-to-end tests that exist.

Advocating for less testing
Tests don’t exist in an isolated repo. They represent decisions on testing based on beliefs, relationships and safety.

From The Community

Four articles to share this month. Such wonderful community work. Thanks all!

Quality Gardeners and Quality Coaches at Jobandtalent
How we implemented Quality Assistance in teams while Jobandtalent Engineering was changing its structure.

Quality Coaching Colors by Emna Ayadi

On Test Cases
Ideas and experiences on software testing, software development, conference speaking and organizing.
An example of LLM prompting for programming
Generated knowledge and chain of thought prompting of an LLM can generate useful code.

That's all for this month. April has been a total blast!

see you all next month!