Quality Coach Newsletter 15

Less Friction, more Freeway

This month's newsletter looks at the topic of frictionless services. I hope you enjoy it.

It's more than a Field of Dreams

It's not enough to simply create a frictionless service. I wish it were like Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams", where "if you build it, they will come" is all it takes to simplify team scope.  But in my experience, it takes hard work and intentionality to encourage teams to embrace what they perceive as 'additional work' regardless of how easy it is to pick up.

We have both internal and external interference when picking up new skills and tasks. And, if we want to really embed a 'way of working into a team, into a culture, we need to work on both types of interference.

Creating a frictionless service that is easy to pick up and use goes a long way to reducing external interference.  

Work on reducing obstacles for teams, are tangible tasks that demonstrate quick wins. These are necessary for you to grow and build relationships.

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Quality Coaching: Focusing on Frictionless
TL;DR It takes effort to persuade by logic or motivate people. You may achieve more success by removing team obstacles that are preventing them from performing quality-related tasks.

Some posts/talks on platform teams and quality engineering.

Team Topology & Quality Engineering Structures
What is the optimal structure for Quality Engineering within Engineering? Anne-Marie Charrett writes about some of the complexities to consider
Question with sprinkle of humility on the side
Michael Bolton tweeted yesterday: > Testers: let’s not obsess over trying to be influential, and work on beinghelpful. And let’s be careful to offer—not inflict—help. #testing[https://twitter.com/search?q=%23testing&src=hash]> — Michael Bolton (@michaelbolton) October 16, 2013[https://twitter.c…

Round the neighbourhood

Great to see Heather Reiduff writing. In this post she looks back at her nine months at Glofox and writes about her wins.

Making an Impact Here
Seeing the impact I’m making 6 months into my new role.

Such an insightful post by Maaret on the value of documentation.

The Documentation Conundrum
Ideas and experiences on software testing, software development, conference speaking and organizing.

Areti Panou writes on the difference between Product Plans and Product Strategies and the value of using the product plan to communicate and interact with key people.

Care Tips for Product Plans

This article by Dragan Stepanovic comparing code reviews and pair programming was interesting to me.

From Async Code Reviews to Co-Creation Patterns
This article dives into the throughput and quality of the async code review process, which are very important dimensions to optimize for in product development teams. It also explains why co-creation patterns – Pair and Mob programming – as an alternative way of working are able to optimize for both…

‌Finally, I wrote a post on end to end testing and how its not just how logical it not that influences a team's decision to do end to end testing. We need to consider psych safety, and a companies openness to experimentation and exploration.

Advocating for less testing
Tests don’t exist in an isolated repo. They represent decisions on testing based on beliefs, relationships and safety.

Upcoming Speaking Events

I'm excited to be traveling to be speaking at some upcoming events.

EuroSTAR 2023 Programme | Software Testing Conference
View the EuroSTAR 2023 Programme of talks featuring 60+ sessions from global test experts across the spectrum of software testing.
Agile2023 | Orlando, Florida | Agile Alliance
Agile2023, Agile Alliance’s annual conference is the biggest and best international gathering of Agile professionals, bringing together practitioners from around the globe. July 24-28 in Orlando, Florida
Testμ Conference 2023 - Decode the Future of Testing | Join one of the world’s largest free software testing conferences
TestMu Conference is a virtual or online-only conference to define the future of testing. Join over 10,000+ software testers, developers, quality assurance experts, industry experts, and thought leaders for 3 days of learning, testing, and networking at Testμ Conference 2023 by LambdaTest. Attend 30…

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