Quality Coach Newsletter 23

Motivation as a Quality Coach

Moving to a quality coach role can be slightly confronting if you've typically worked within a single team. There's a certain amount of confidence required to jump into a new context who, for whatever reason, may be reluctant to include you in their work. How do you quickly convince a team that you are there to help and not inflict additional work? Well, one technique is to follow the energy. In this month's post, I explain the concept and what it requires from you.

Follow the Energy
Motivating a team when you’re not on the team is tricky business. You could be expected to conduct a workshop to identify a quality strategy. Yet, you might not have all the context available to know what risks exist and why obstacles exist. What you call quality activities, they might

Other writing

My article 👇 on quality engineering as an enablement team has been included in the new Team Topologies training course for enabling teams 🎉.

Team Topology & Quality Engineering Structures
What is the optimal structure for Quality Engineering within Engineering? Anne-Marie Charrett writes about some of the complexities to consider

If you're a quality coach book member, you can read that without paying for the course!

Sing your voice
We all have a voice and a song. Sometimes, the song beats loud in our hearts, and sometimes, it’s so quiet that you must stop everything else to listen. It’s your song. Only you can sing it. No one can sing your song like you do. Sometimes, you might think
The Extraordinary in the Ordinary
Recently, I’ve heard references to mediocrity in software testing. Statements like “Tolerance of mediocrity has done massive damage to our testing field”. There’s an implicit judgment in this statement. In that word mediocre, there’s a suggestion that many in the software engineering field are somehow negligent, lazy

Picks from the Community

A big shout out to the Ministry of Testing community, which regularly posts topics on quality coaches. Here's a search of content.

Ministry of Testing
Welcome to the Ministry of Testing and our community software testing events and content.

Abby Bangser & Co. have written an interesting perspective on Platform Engineering models. check it out.

Announcing the Platform Engineering maturity model
Community post originally published on the TAG App Delivery blog by Abby Bangser and Josh Gavant The CNCF Platforms Working Group (WG) is excited to present the first release of a platform engineering…

I didn't get to see this talk, but I heard great things. Check out Marianne Duijst's sketchnote.

Sketchnote: Quality from the CEO perspective
Alex Schladebeck and Michael Mlynarski presented their talk: Quality from the CEO Perspective: Why Do They Not Always Strive for 100% quality? at Agile Testing Days 2022. Alex and Michael eloquentl…

Melissa Fisher is on a role with her blog posts. So many to pick. This one is the most recent.

It’s Ok to miss opportunities
Last year I had the privilege of attending Agile Testing Days to do a workshop and talk. It had been on my goal list for a number of years…

Something for the more technical, Judy Mosley writes on Cypress Fixtures.

Explain It Like I’m 5: Cypress Fixtures
Doing research on Cypress Fixtures makes me feel like this: Google “Cypress Fixtures” and there are so many tutorials and videos on the topic. It’s hard to know where to begin. Having zero knowledge of Fixtures, what’s helpful for me is dialing down to the very basics of fixtures, what they are for, how they are created, and how to use them in tests.

Martin Fowler has updated his blog post on continuous integration.

Continuous Integration
Every developer integrates their work into mainline at least every day.

Upcoming speaking engagements

HUSTEF - Hungarian Software Testing Forum on LinkedIn: #hustef #softwaretesting #softwarequality
We proudly announce our first Keynote Speaker of HUSTEF 2024, the fantastic Anne-Marie Charrett! 🎉 We can't wait to meet her personally in Budapest - How…
Agile & Quality; Is quality *really* everyone’s responsibility?, Wed, Jul 24, 2024, 5:45 PM | Meetup
**Agile Quality - Is quality really everyone’s responsibility?** [Ann Marie-Charret](https://www.linkedin.com/in/testingtimes/) In Agile, quality is a shared responsibility

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