Sing your voice

Sing your voice
Charlie Mackesy

We all have a voice and a song. Sometimes, the song beats loud in our hearts, and sometimes, it's so quiet that you must stop everything else to listen.

It's your song. Only you can sing it. No one can sing your song like you do. Sometimes, you might think you don't have a song. You do. There are times you'll want to ignore your voice because it feels like it makes life harder. Your song knows that. It stays with you and holds your hand.

You might think you must voice your song for it to matter, that you don't know enough, that you are not strong enough, or that you are not bold enough.

That's not true. You are enough.

You see, a voice doesn't have to have noise. One of the best ways to be vocal about your song is to say nothing and let actions be the voice.

You can do your song, write your song, or say your song. Songs decide how they are voiced, not the other way around.

What matters is you listen to your song and, in some way, allow it to be heard.

Your song matters to you and all of us around you.