Quality Coach Newsletter 18

This month Neil Younger returns with the final of his three post series on developing engineering cultures. Today's post on developing a growth-based framework builds on Neil's two previous posts; building a learning culture by amplifying team wins and accelerating a quality culture through building engineering capability.

I like how this post builds a framework that focuses on engineering at a team level and then leans on a community of practice to amplify that knowledge across engineering. Definitely one to check out!

Boost your engineering capability with this growth-focused framework
ℹ️In this article, we will use the term ‘Engineering Capability’ to mean the practices and approaches we use to get work done within an engineering department. This article extends and references the work of two previous publications in this series. Namely ’Accelerate your quality culture by ident…

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Of course, the other two posts by Neil are a must read too. Full of practical advice and templates to run workshops, you'd be crazy to miss out on these.

Build a culture of learning by amplifying team wins
Neil Younger talks about amplifying success to drive change in this latest quality coach book article
Accelerate your quality culture by identifying your engineering capability needs
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Round the neighbourhood

Are you interested in learning how to assess quality practices? Check out this video chat by Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory and Selena Delesie.

New video chat: Assessing Quality Practices with QPAM - Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin
New Agile Testing Fellowship Donkeys & Dragons video chat about quality practices assessment model QPAM with Janet Gregory & Selena Delesie

This article on responsible AI was brought to my attention by Trish Khoo.

With great AI power comes great responsibility
Recent advances in deep learning techniques have led to the emergence of bigger and better models and increased adoption in mission-critical settings (self-driving cars, healthcare, malware detection, etc.). Thinking about the complexity of our lives and real-world contexts makes it somewhat…

And Constance Hermit brought this one to my attention.

The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI
Proving you’re a human on a web flooded with generative AI content

Upcoming Events

I'm speaking at LAST in Sydney on "Agile up your leadership game". A version of my Agile 2023 keynote.

LAST Conference Sydney - 22 Sept 2023
LAST Conference Sydney is an affordable, grassroots mini-conference for people involved in digital product development. The schedule encourages participation and interaction via talks, workshops, and activities.

Also, I'll be at Yow! in MPing at Sydney at the Tech Leaders Summit on the 8th of September. Maybe I'll see you there!

Home - YOW! Tech Leaders Summit Sydney 2023

These conferences have a long-standing commitment to community and hold a place in my learning path. Thanks for all your hard work folks!

Until next month,

Anne-Marie ‌
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