Boost your engineering capability with this growth-focused framework

Boost your engineering capability with this growth-focused framework
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In this article, we will use the term ‘Engineering Capability’ to mean the practices and approaches we use to get work done within an engineering department.

This article extends and references the work of two previous publications in this series. Namely ‘Accelerate your quality culture by identifying your engineering capability needs’ (the Capability phase) and ‘Build a culture of learning by amplifying team wins’ (the Growth phase). While not essential it might be helpful to have a read of those articles first as they provide practical examples of applying this framework in the two phases.

In this article, we focus on the complete framework and in particular the mechanisms that bind the two phases of Capability and Growth together.

The model provides guiding principles and a framework for growing the technical capability of an engineering department.

The model aims to foster a culture where teams can learn, experiment, and grow together while sharing their success with others.

How can this framework help?

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  • There can be lots of moving parts in an engineering department. This framework helps aid discussions and help build a culture where it no longer becomes necessary.
  • It is holistic in its approach in that it doesn’t prescribe particular practices. Instead, it provides a framework for a team or a department to enable them to collectively scale the skills they are good at and facilitate the need to learn and develop at pace.
  • It promotes practices that can help reduce the effects of siloing knowledge and information that can often occur in large organisations.
  • It can catalyse an environment, a culture, where we can incorporate learning and growth into our work.
  • The heart of this model is one team. However, it's designed to amplify and scale across multiple teams and departments.