December '22 Quality Coach Newsletter

December brings us a guest writer Deb Sherwood. Deb is a quality coach at Squiz, where she coaches over ten teams. Understandably she's got a unique approach to her role. It underlies the diversity of approaches a quality coach can take. Read her article on Five Quality Coaching Tips (when coaching 10+ teams)

Some Quality Coach Stats!

It's hard to believe that the quality coach book is only one year old! Some stats:

I'm so excited about how the book is going and look forward to including more guest writers next year.  

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Creating a Culture of Quality
A culture that is embedded figuratively eats everything around it. Once a culture is defined, it takes on a life of its own. Slowly, bit by bit, more bricks are laid on top of those early foundations, those decisions. And, before you realise it, your culture has been set.
What is a quality coach? (Definition & nature of role)
Defining the term quality coach and explaining this role in software engineering in contemporary organisations
How to explain Quality Coach (to your CTO)
I describe the quality coach role in terms of a delivery lead, a product manager, a quality professional and a software developer.

From the Community

There are some great posts on the quality coach from the community

Kim Engel: Quality Coaching: Preventing production issues

Most asked questions on “Quality Coaching”
Usually, I receive some common questions when I talk about quality coaching. Here I decided to answer the common questions about quality…
Quality Coach vs Software Tester - Vernon Richards
In this talk Vernon talks about what the work of a professional coach looks like and how it might manifest itself in the Quality Coach role.


I want to thank you, readers, for your support this year. In particular from these readers and their fantastic testimonials. Writing this book has been hard work, but your support makes it worthwhile.

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