Kids, Kittens and Karma

Have I ever written about how competitive I am?  Lets just say I like to win. A lot.  Best explained by an example I think.
In my heyday I was a bit of a runner. Not a bad one, but not the best and I knew it. My favourite race was the 800 meters,  a bit shorter than the 1Km, more like a fast sprint.  Each year at school we had a sports day where we all got to compete in races against each other.

The way it worked at our school, was that you got to choose which race you wanted to run in.  So, naturally I chose the 800 meters, but was dismayed to find out a week before that the best runner in my class was running that race too! I mean she could have picked the 1K, 400m or even the 100m. Why the 800 meters?

Well, I decided I wanted to win that race, so I convinced my main competitor that for the better good (there were class points system too), she was far better off running the 1K.

I remember the look of reluctance on her face as she agreed  that it was best that our class win two races instead of having 1st & 2nd in one race.

Well I sailed to victory in the 800 meters.

I still remember that day, traced with a mixture of guilt and pride (well, it was a neat bit of negotiation).

I’m still competitive, but I guess I prefer these days to win on my own merit instead of resorting to nobbling the competition.

So where is this all going? Well, I submitted a video to the Eurostar 2010 VideoStar competition. The prize is a speaker spot at Eurostar 2010.

(Its got cute kid , but not kittens I promise, I’m saving it for the sequel)

Anyhow, now you all know how competitive I am, I wish all my Videostar competitors the very best. I know its hard work to create a video (some of them are great)  I look forward to hearing some great talks in EuroStar.

Oh, and in my enthusiasm for creating the video, I failed to mention what I was going to talk about, which is software testing and startups, working on the bleeding edge.

Of course, if you want to vote for me……