The Scab Picker

The Scab Picker

As I child I received the usual number of knocks and bumps, cuts and the inevitable scabs that grew as my body healed itself. I enjoyed nothing more than spending time picking away at these scabs. I wanted to explore and uncover, pick and observe in fascinating as the pink flesh repaired itself. To this day, I’ve got a couple of scars on my knee from cuts I refused to let heal!

In reflection, I realise that metaphorically speaking, I’ve continued to do this all my life. I pick at technologies cuts and scabs, uncovering and exploring, probing and questioning. After all, what is the art of software testing but to pick at something that appears solved?

When I look at my work in leadership, I see the same pattern. Picking at the assumptions of test management, identifying differences and exposing them to allow new healing.

You could even argue that this blog is an attempt to pick away, uncover and better understand my thoughts, values and belief system.  I question my bias, my beliefs, my opinions. I’m learning that while this analysis is useful, I should be careful not to correlate it to my self worth and allow it to destroy my somewhat shaky self-esteem.

As a child, I used to hide my scab picking in shame. It was a sign of failure. Good children let their cuts heal. Beautiful girls had unscarred skin. Yet there I was compelled almost, to pick, pick, pick.

Today, I’m more at peace with my scab picking. I don’t pick my skin anymore (except for the occasional zit), but I do continue to pick away at my ideas. In a way, it's my strength and I treasure the insights this scab picking has brought me.

There is no world scab picking day. I made that up. You are welcome to create the day if you wish and I will celebrate with you.