The pure joy of innovation...

The pure joy of innovation...

I went along to a networking event last night, run by the Innovic – in Melbourne. A great event and that wasn’t just the cocktails! I got the opportunity to meet interesting people involved in all aspects of innovation in Melbourne. I think every once in a while its good to get your head out of your own space and realise that there are some exceptionally creative and clever people out there. It reminds me why I provide software testing services to such a small and not so lucrative area of the market .  I get the opportunity to work with people who design, incubate and serve great designers and developers. Its inspiring to meet people so passionate about what they do.
I think  software testers can provide real benefit to startup companies by providing that all essential third party independent perspective before it gets to the first customer. After all, first impressions count for an awful lot these days.

It was also interesting the note the power of personal contact. Sometimes I get so caught up with online promotion, I forget that talking and communicating one on one can be more effective than endless hours of online promotion, and its a lot more fun. Try shutting down the computer now and then and meet up with some like minded individuals. Who knows what you may get out of it….

So, why do you software test?


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