Testing a SaaS Platform

I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar yesterday by Joel Montvelisky on  Testing on the Cloud. Its of keen interest to many Irish Tech companies, so I was happy to organise on the behalf of SoftTest a webinar for its members. Softtest is the Irish Software Tester’s Special Interest Group.
I learned quite a bit from this webinar. In particular that the amount of testing is actually reduced by hosting your application in the cloud. Things such as installing on different machines, upgrades and patches to multiple versions etc are not required as really there is only one release that everyone accesses. Obvious when you think about it.

He also noted that one of the side benefits of hosting your application on the cloud is that you are able to monitor how your clients are using the application. This becomes an excellent source of  data that testers should make benefit of. It can help testers focus their testing on areas that customers really use, instead of relying on second guesses or vague feedback from customer support and sales staff.

I’d encourage anyone looking into this area, to take a look at his webinar and slides below.

Testing a SaaS Platform

Thanks once again to Joel for speaking, Sogeti for their technology and  their excellent marketing guru Michael O’ Connor for assisting and  facilitating the webinar.

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