Test Tools for Covert Operations

I have one of my clients to thank for this tip.
I was performing some software testing recently on a product that had both a software and hardware element to it. The unique setup of the laptop, and  peripheral equipment meant I that there was only one test environment available.  I was fortunate not to live to far away, but the developer lived in England and so would have to upload any fixes and new versions remotely.

The client insisted we use LogMeIn for the remote access.

Now, I like my software test environment to be stable at least for some fixed period. That way, I know that I’m not testing a moving target.

So when I heard that both the developer and I were to have remote access, I was a bit concerned as the developer  could upgrade software at any time without telling me.

Then I had a stroke of luck.

As any tester worth their salt would do, I immediately started checking out the LogMeIn software. I noticed that under Preferences, there was an Advanced Settings. So, I clicked on that.  To my delight, I found a ‘Screen Record’ option which allowed be to enable recording of anything that happens on the remote machine.

To a control freak like me, this was complete heaven. It was a way to not only know if an upgrade occurred, but also I could learn how the developer ‘tweeked’ the system.

I did at times feel like I was on some covert operation until I fessed up and told him I had it enabled.

Anyhow, if you ever in the same situation where perhaps your developer is not the most communicative, I heartily recommend you look at this free application.