Software Testers: Simply the best

Software Testers: Simply the best

Software Tester’s are a rare breed. We perform a role that can be difficult and not always fully appreciated or recognised. We are often the sceptic on the team, raising difficult questions when no one wants to hear them. We discover unplanned work, we question design, we uncover ambiguity.

It’s not always an easy role. Software testers often face conflict and the information provided is dismissed. Folks seem to constantly look for ways to eradicate our role, either through automation or through spreading the activity to others.

Along with great analytical, technical and testing skill, we need good business understanding along with good communication and collaboration skills.  It requires a strong sense of self-worth and self-preservation. It takes strength and courage to be a tester. Patience and a sense of humour.

And while there’s always value in self improvement for anyone, you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to deliver value.

So Software Testers, give your self a pat on the back. You are awesome and you rock!

Blogging on the Bus: An imperfect series
I have more draft blog posts than published and I have a lot of ideas I want to write about. I’ve challenging myself to write short imperfect blog posts that I can write on my bus trip to work. That’s about an hour. They will be rough and