Reality bites

Reality bites

Who doesn’t love the internet?  As a small business owner of a software testing consultancy, its a great way to promote myself along side the bigger companies.
However, I’m discovering the major minus side to promoting on the internet. That is, its too absorbing. I can’t resist reading those cursed google stats every day. I check how many people read my blog and from which country they are.
Then, I recently re-discovered that the best way to promote myself is to meet people… the flesh, face to face… you know, where you shake hands and make eye contact. They weren’t virtual people in second life, but real ones that you can touch, have a drink with.

I went to a networking event recently and got more contacts in two hours, then my weeks of stressing over web visitor numbers. A side bonus was the encouragement I received which renewed my determination in making my business succeed.

So here’s my new resolution. Shut down the computer, walk out of my office and starting talking to people.  Who knows where or what it will lead me to?


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