Metrics, T-shirts and Quality Engineering

Metrics, T-shirts and Quality Engineering

I got up early to give an AMA on Quality Engineering with those fabulous people at Ministry of Testing.

Turns out when you say Ask Me Anything (AMA)- it really does mean that.

My favourite question is – what *is* that on your t-shirt?

Well, there’s a story on that.

A while ago I had placed a question on twitter

some possible heuristics around #metrics. What would you add/takeaway?
— Anne-Marie Charrett (@charrett) July 4, 2017

The good folks at Fetchline made me a T-shirt based on some of the responses.

It was this shirt I was wearing during the AMA session.

If you missed AMA you can list to the recording (though you need to be a member so hop to it, totally worth it).

Ask Me Anything - Anne-Marie Charrett - Quality Engineering
Watch this insightful Ask Me Anything on Quality Engineering with Anne-Marie Charrett