More than a maverick tester

More than a maverick tester

Some of you may know I've changed the title of my blog from Maverick Tester to But why the change?

These days I write about a lot of things, and some of them are outside of software testing.. I write about quality engineering,  leadership and sometimes about women in technology.  

I still love writing about software testing, but it's only what I am about.

In the process of shifting, I'm also going through the mammoth task of updating my 260+ posts, retagging and fixing some of the atrocisous spelling (that ones for you Fiona Charles!).  

As I'm doing this, I'm reading content that is over 15 years old. Some of it I view fondly, some of it I wince at. I plan to tweet out the ones I like, so if you want some posts from the vault, follow me on twitter.

I've also taken out the comments. This was a tough choice. Some blog posts I have a lot of old comments and I value the feedback readers have given to me over the years. But the new platform doesn't support comments and it's kind of refreshing not to expect comments, simply just write and publish.  

Anyhow I hope you enjoy the new site and subscribe to it. Personally I I love the new format, and have enjoyed the opportunity to travel down a writing memory lane.

Below is the first blog post ever - way back in 2006

Developing a Software Testing Process
Developing a software testing process requires getting buy in and support