Quality Coach Newsletter 19

Quality is everyone's accountability

What does "Quality is everyone's responsibility" actually mean? What do you mean by Quality? What do you mean by responsibility? And if everyone is responsible for quality, does that mean one outcome is poor quality?

Software engineering is complex and challenging enough without introducing additional ambiguity into a system. Being clear about who owns what helps with that. This is especially important if introducing new concepts and roles (such as a quality coach). This month's premium article looks at the role of accountability in quality and how people can clarify these roles. It includes a Miro board to help you and your team or your leadership work through at an organisation level who owns what. This can be helpful, particularly if you have a platform team that owns the testing frameworks, with product teams owning test creation.

Quality: We need to talk about accountability
We all have accountabilities in quality. But what they are will vary according to role and seniority.

There are some great articles from the community this month. Dig in and enjoy!

My Journey from Testing to Quality!
This year I celebrated 16 years in the technology industry. Prior to this time, I had worked in many different roles and industries from Parcel Delivery Customer Services to NHS Administration.
Quality Gardeners and Quality Coaches at Job&Talent
How we implemented Quality Assistance in teams while Job&Talent Engineering was changing its structure.
After 171 Days - What is Quality Engineering Consulting? - Developer Sam
It’s been more than 5 months since I started at Quality Minds and shifted from working as a software developer to a quality engineering consultant. I thought I would soon be doing a lot of test automation, using Cypress or Playwright, but instead of that, something totally different happened
Stop Talking About the Work and Just Do It.
Turning a backlog into an application in under 60 minutes.

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