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This month I've published a mammoth workshop packed full of goodies to help you get started on delivering a team test strategy. This article has got everything from miro boards to a slide deck to facilitation advice.  ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Not ready to become a premium subscriber? Read some blog posts on different ideas around test strategies. ‌‌‌‌

Team Test Strategy

Who writes the test strategy if there are no testers on the team? My article this month deals with this exact topic. Plus, it gives you in-depth downloadable material for running your team test strategy workshop. Did I mention that you can adapt it to your own context? How gold is that?  

Read the latest article here.

Team Test Strategy Workshop for Quality Coaches
This workshop provides a systematic approach to developing a team test strategy for an epic or large feature. It provides a team with a framework within which they can consider all the factors that impact testing.

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If you're fine cruising with the basic member model, there are loads of content to explore on strategies. Here's a taster of some of the posts I've written.

Testing Strategies must be flexible and adapt
Testing Strategies are not designed to remain fixed in stone. As soon as you start to implement you realise the assumptions you made
How to avoid being fooled in software testing
As software testers, our role is to avoid being fooled by stuff that is potentially fooling others. We try to avoid being fooled by the product

The following blog post explains the subtle impact that a shared testing responsibility has on a team.

How does having a software tester in a team impact quality?
How does having a software tester in a team impact quality?

And finally one from the archives, a strategy for sustainability (the strategy holds true, even though the technology is a bit dated :)  

Sustainable software testing
The amount of technology has escalated, are we thinking reduce, reuse, recycle? In our software testing let’s test if a system is sustainable

Regardless, have a fab month. And see you later in July!