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This month's premium content explores the topic of when to coach, train and mentor a product team. This is important, as how you coach one team differs from another depending on where they're at in terms of owning quality.

Situational Quality Coaching (when to coach, train & mentor)
Like many things in tech, knowing when to coach, when to train and when to mentor depends on the team, how experienced a quality coach is, and the nature of what is to be learned.

I look at two key factors, motivation and ability, and explore the teaching style to use appropriate and the types of activities a quality coach might take.


Heuristics are situational in that they encourage us to consider the context in which they are being applied. The following blog posts explore heuristics in software testing.

The Base Camp Heuristic
How you discover those bugs that are not obvious, bugs beyond the low hanging fruit? This post explores bugs using the basecamp heuristic
The ‘Do Nothing’ heuristic
When faced with loads of uncertainty and change sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing. Not panic stricken nothing though..
Indulge the hunch when Exploratory Testing
There is a moment in Exploratory Testing (ET) when you come to a full stop. Mostly, it’s because you are stuck. You simply don’t know what to do next. That moment can happen anytime.

There are many more; check out my free blog content!

Community content on Heuristics

There are some great articles on heuristics written by many in the software testing community.
My favourite is this one written by Richard Bradshaw and Sarah Deevy, as it explains what a heuristic is in the context of software testing.

Software Testing Heuristics: Mind The Gap!
Read “Software Testing Heuristics: Mind The Gap!” by Richard Bradshaw and Sarah Deery in Ministry of Testing’s Testing Planet

Then there's Lena Wilberg's book with gorgeous illustrations by Trish Khoo

Would Heu-Risk it?
Testing skills demystified through 30 thought provoking lessons, told through a unique format mixing rhymes, theory and stories.

you can purchase cards too.

And Alex's exploration of microheuristics.

Microheuristics – Alex(andra) Schladebeck

Black Box Software Testing courses run by Altom Consulting offer a great grounding in the concept of heuristics in software testing. The association for software testing offers a community track if you are a member.

That's it for this month!