Quality Coach September 22 newsletter

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Can you believe it's almost a year since I started writing this book? Personally, I'm really happy with the outcome. What about you though? If you are a regular reader, I'd love to hear from you on what you want me to Keep, Stop, and Start doing! Simply fill in this short survey to help me sharpen and focus the book and I'll send you a discount code to share with your friends and colleagues.  

Quality Coach book is growing

As I said, I'm really pleased with how this book is progressing. But I want it to be better! Plans for next year include inviting guests with experience in quality coaching to write content. All guest content will be paid for by the book subscriptions.  In addition, I'm adding comments and the opportunity to discuss posts. I'm excited to be able to turn the book into an opportunity for discussion and get feedback on direct articles.

To cover the cost of guest content and hosting software, I'm increasing the new subscriber price from $USD1/month to $USD2/month. Yearly book subscriptions will increase to $USD20/year. This will come into effect on the 1st of October 2022. Existing subscription prices will remain as is until renewal when they automatically increase to the new price.

The 4-week free trial is gradually being phased out and replaced with a 5-day trial.

With the changes over, let's talk about this month's content!

Mapping your Delivery Process

‌This month's premium content is a workshop to start mapping out a team's delivery process. Mapping out a team's delivery flow is particularly important where you have significant cross-functionality in the team that doesn't lend itself to constant pairing.

The temptation is to perform work in silos and meet up at the end. This, though, can lead to a bloated testing phase at the end of each sprint or worse, right before a release.

So you want to identify ways to intentionally introduce ways to improve shared understanding and to bring testing in earlier. You can do this in a number of ways, as I describe in the workshop.  

Reshaping Quality in Contemporary Organisations
To test well we need to rethink quality and how we can build quality in as opposed to testing for it at the end.
think about testing without a release in mind
Don’t get tunnel vision over testing a release. Think holistically about where is the optimal time to identify potential risks to your system
Quality in Software and that Toyota Production Model
Making problems visible to teams and addressing them as close to the source as possible as well as building quality in.

Community Content

Some great content to share from the community

Unblocking Your Test Strategy
In my new role as Quality Lead for my department, I get to figure out how to infuse everybody’s work with “quality”, and also figure out what that means exactly. One of my colleagues made it easy for
Get Testing Bottlenecks Out of Your Pipelines
Though more testing is automated, manual testing activities are here to stay for most businesses. That’s what is often is forgotten during development.
Deactivating the “Somebody Else’s Problem” Field
Deactivating the “Somebody Else’s Problem” Field

That's it from me for this month folks! Thanks so much for subscribing to my book, and see you all in October.