October '22 Quality Coach Newsletter

Nine tips on hiring a Quality Coach

This month's premium content is about hiring.  Hiring is difficult and time-consuming at the best of times. Hiring a quality coach role can be extra complex.

In this premium content, I explore why and suggestions on how to navigate that complexity. I provide nine tips for hiring a quality coach. These tips are based on my hiring staff in multiple companies. Follow these tips and avoid making mistakes I made!

Plus comments are now available on all quality coach book articles, so if you have a burning question on hiring, go ahead and ask.

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As I mentioned, commenting is now available on most free and quality coach posts found on annemariecharrett.com. This means any premium members can now participate in community discussions on the site. If you are already a premium subscriber, go ahead, and ask a question or comment on any of the quality coach book articles. Want to further explore and discuss content in any of the free posts? No problem, go ahead and comment there too!  As long as you are a premium subscriber, commentary and discussion are available to you.

Strong ideas, loosely held

While looking for similar content on my blog on hiring, I came across these old posts. While I don't necessarily agree now with some of what I wrote, the challenges I'm trying to solve in these posts still remain today. What thoughts do you have on these posts? Let me know what you think!  

Do you know team’s core needs?
When leading a team, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the noise of STUFF. Knowing your core purpose helps you focus your work.
Please don’t hire me
If you want perfect software and you want me to break your codeIf you’re going to measure me by the number of test scripts I writeIf you want me to tell you its ready to shipIf you wish to have 100% of your product testedIf you

By the way, in case you are curious as to why I don't delete old content, even when my thinking has considerably changed? Well, they reflect my thinking at that point in time, and I think that's a useful data point to remember. When new information and new experiences come in, we should allow ourselves to absorb that and change how we think about things.  

Community Posts on similar topics

There are way more interesting posts on hiring to share and here are a few below that have caught my eye.

How we do Product, Design and Tech recruitment at Mentimeter
We believe in giving everyone a voice - regardless of who you are. So we built a platform that does just that. Our platform is not only our product but also our organization. A platform where people feel safe, where differences are embraced, a place where you can have fun. In order to give everyone…
Doubt builds trust.
I don’t trust people who always say yes. “Yes, I can finish that today.” “Yes, I tested it and it works and I didn’t find any bugs.” “Yes, I captured what you said in these notes.” “Yes, I assert I ha
Hiring manual and automation testers
Ideas and experiences on software testing, software development, conference speaking and organizing.
It’s not all about “years of experience” - Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin
I’m happy to see more people talking about job ads for testers with arbitrary requirements like “3 years experience”. In the last several years, I have met many testing and quality professionals who, with only one or two years in the profession, are sharing their valuable insights in conference talk…


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