I'm glad I'm not a piece of software

I'm glad I'm not a piece of software

I joke about my personal development lifecycle (PDLC) as my work in test management often requires consistency & repeatability in the form of a test process. In comparison my own PDLC is often very erratic and ill behaved. In fact its not really a typical lifecycle at all except perhaps that I was born and one day I will die.
My family and I have recently decided to spend some time in Ireland. In November, we are uprooting our family in Melbourne, Australia and dumping ourselves back into a very sodden, green sod of turf known as Ireland.

We are doing this without any certainty in jobs, schools, long term accomodation etc and its making me extremely nervous. To make it all the more uncertain, the world has decided to have a global financial crisis. My faith that all will work out is being severely challenged!

As I  continue along my PDLC, my outlook on life has changed. What would have once been an adventure is now looking like a torturous test.

So I repeatably breath my mantra, “it will work out, I will find work in Ireland” . Who says life is dull?

Anyhow, back to software testing and lifecycles.  I suppose the difference between software and people is that we own our lifecycle and thankfully we get to choose how our life turns out.  We can choose to make it unpredictable and we can behave outside a given setup of expectations.  So even though my life at the moment is in turmoil, it's my turmoil. I’m glad I’m not a piece of software that has to follow a rigorous testing process, in order to live up to someone’s expectations.