How Tech Does Quality

Ever wondered How Tech does Quality? What are their strategies when it comes to Quality and Testing? How do they increase speed to market without compromising on quality?

Why not come and join me and a panel of Sydney Tech Leaders on the 13th June 2018 at the Canva Office to find out?

Tickets cost $25 AUD all proceeds go to HeadSpace.

How Tech Does Quality Panelists

Atlassian, OFX, THE ICONIC, GumTree Australia and Canva will discuss their companies approaches to Quality and Testing. Why they work in the way they do, its advantages and disadvantages. They will explore how new trends are impacting approaches to Quality and will share some thoughts on what the future may look like in this space.

How Tech Does Quality 13th June Canva Anne-Marie Charrett TestingTimes
How Tech Does Quality 13th June Canva Anne-Marie Charrett TestingTimes

Many thanks to my panelists

Joel Hynoski, Head of Engineering at Canva,

Roisin Parkes, CTO at GumTree Australia,

Wendy Glasgow, CTO at OFX,

Jay Sethi, Server QE Manager, Atlassian

Ollie Brennan, Head of Engineering The ICONIC

How Tech Does Quality Panel Questions

I’ll be asking the panel questions such as:

What does quality mean to your company?
What challenges have you faced in trying to achieve this?
How has that affected your strategy?
What advice would you give other companies on quality?
What advice would you give people in the quality space?
Crystal ball question: What are the biggest impacts on quality in the future?

What questions would you ask?