How I setup a software testing consultancy

One question that keeps popping up into my inbox is …..I want to setup a software testing consultancy…any advice?
Ohhh yes. Heaps of advice. I don’t know if it will do anyone any good, but I have heaps of advice.  However before I start down that path, I thought a far better and honest approach would be to share with whoever is  interested  how I started my consultancy business.

So, a bit of history.

Setting up a Test Consultancy in Australia

By 1998 I had worked on some great testing areas such as European Compliance Testing, R&D for some companies who really  knew about testing… Nortel and IBM to name drop a few. But to be honest, the corporate path never interested me. So with a decision I took totally lightly I setup a company. Easy Peasy. It cost me $600 Australian dollars and there it was, AMH Solutions Pty Ltd.

I got loads of work, mostly through contracting and though I would have preferred to work directly with a customer, I never gave the issue much thought.

Then I had kids.

Determine your Test Consultancy Success

I still really wanted to work, but I decided that considering my new found responsibilities, part time or freelance would be preferable.  I figured that running a consultancy was ideal, if I could just find the work.

The first thing I did was go back to my old companies I had worked for.  I explained I wanted freelance or part-time work and what do you know, within three weeks I was employed running a test management role for three days a week.

So things ticked along. I got additional work through word of mouth. I also contacted a few agencies and they kept me on the books for short term work only. I got some great jobs through that.

The Best thing about a Test Consultancy

For most of the time, I have really enjoyed it. One thing I have never regretted is working for myself. I love it.  I enjoy the challenge and the freedom that it provides me. I get to set my own goals, where I want to be and what direction I want my company to take. I define my own success.

I am happy.