Get Success to drive your software testing consultancy

Get Success to drive your software testing consultancy

If you want your software testing consultancy to succeed, first ask what sort of success you want.  You probably have some ideas on this. For example, you may want to run an exclusive software consultancy with a reputation for excellence, or make a million before you're 30, or as I do, you want to work for yourself , have a reputation for excellence and balance work and lifestyle. Whatever the definition, this can become great parameters for your future business decisions.
I’ll give you an example of what happened to me. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to review my goals for my consultancy.

At the moment, the company is dependent on me, myself and I. That makes me director, test consultant, accountant, marketing manager and sales person.. not to mention cleaner etc. My income is good, and in software testing, there’s a plethora of opportunities and directions someone like me can take. For example, I could outsource additional testing to a different company,  take on a couple of software contractors, perhaps concentrate on being a test consultant with a great reputation  .

So, I went back to my definition of success and used this to redefined by companie’s goals within the parameters I had initially set.

It helped me throw out some options, and refocus my energy on becoming a consultant with an excellent reputation. My goal is to have customers knocking on the door with software testing problems to solve. However, it also important to me to be at home for my young kids in the afternoon. So, yes I have to accept that some of the options for me are not possible, however I’m living within my parameters and so yes I am a success.

Small Footnote: Of course, you may find out that you redefine your goals within your existing parameters and find you're not happy with the result. I suppose its a good indicator to review your definition of success. Perhaps it’s changed since you started your business?