Blogging on the Bus: An imperfect series

Blogging on the Bus: An imperfect series

I have more draft blog posts than published and I have a lot of ideas I want to write about.

I’ve challenging myself to write short imperfect blog posts that I can write on my bus trip to work. That’s about an hour.

They will be rough and not edited but hopefully, you will get a sense of what I want to say and challenge me to be less precious about writing perfect blog posts.

B line Sydney
B-line in Sydney

First post can be read below..

BOB series: Shallow Testing gets a bad rap
In my Exploratory Testing class, I talk about shallow and deep exploration. When you say the word exploratory testing, many think, ‘just playing around’ on the product. And to some extent that’s true, a good true. So when I talked about shallow exploration it seemed to