Bizcamp Talk

Bizcamp Talk

I gave a talk at Bizcamp this year on how to get the most out of your software testing.
This was an interesting challenge as the I wasn’t speaking to software testers but developers. How could I help developers and small companies test better?

I decided to go down the path of identifying typical traps that testers and developers fall into, e.g testing to little, or testing too much and how to try and get your testing just right.

I used the analogy of Goldilocks to get my point across.

I got lots of questions which was very gratifying.

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Thanks to everyone who attended my talk !

Note: Any ideas not my own were faithfully attributed to their rightful owners:

James Bach: CRUSPIC STIMPL, Generic Risk List, Focus Defocus Heuristic, Steeplechase Heuristic

Hans Buwalda, Soap Opera Testing