All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey..

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey..

It was my birthday recently, and I got a brand new Digital SLR as a present. Now my expertise on photography goes as far as knowing that DSLR stands for Digital SLR. Say no more.  Having this camera though, now means I can’t blame bad photos on the equipment.
In Ireland at the moment, its the last of the autumn leaves which is my favourite time of the year.  All those crispy days and beautiful golden colour. I’ve been in Australia for so long, days like this are a real treat. So inspired by the beauty around me, I set off in true Ansell Adams fashion to photograph the local park.

I started down the usual path, and took some average to terrible shots, nothing spectacular.

For some reason, I decided to turn around and look behind me. It was then that I noticed some true beauty. I started clicking away.

It got me thinking how I tend to always look ahead at things. Often I forget that the best can be simply found by turning around and looking at the same thing with a different perspective.

I think this happens in software testing too. In trying to solve a problem, my thinking is often straight ahead, down the traditional path. Perhaps occasionally, if I looked behind me, I would have a different perspective and find a better answer to my problem?

Anyway, enjoy Dublin in November!