About that quality coaching book...

"So Anne-Marie when is that book on quality coaching coming out?" is the question I dread. The time has come to do something about it.

About that quality coaching book...
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"So Anne-Marie, when is that book on quality coaching coming out?" is the question I dread. The time has come to do something about it.

TL;DR online subscription of my book through a free trial of premium content, or go the full tilt for a huge $9 USD a year! [this is now $20 USD/year]

That Book

For many years I've talked about writing a book on quality coaching/quality engineering. True fact, I've written 1/3 of this book 3 times, and I still have yet to publish!

What that tells me is I'm using the wrong model to write the book. A book feels like a monumental task. It's months of effort with little feedback. It encourages perfection when "good enough" would be better. I've even held off writing some of my content in my blog, wanting to save it for "the book".

I realise now that writing "a book" is not going to work for me. Instead I need to publish as I create. Be content with good enough.

A new approach

To break this inertia, I'm introducing a new approach where content will be posted on my blog. It's a 3 tier model where book related content will be available under a paid model. Here's how it works.

Public: all existing content (June 2021) remains free and accessible to anyone who visits my blog. You will also get to read any new blog posts on content other than book stuff. No signup is required.

Members: Members is a free subscription model. Members will be informed of posts created through a quarterly newsletter. [it's now monthly]

Premium Members: For $1/month [now $2/month], premium members will have access to full old and new content. You will receive content through a monthly email providing you with the full content.

Not sure which one suits you? Try an introductory offer to premium content

Why a paid Model?

I'm introducing a paid membership plan because I value this work. It's knowledge and skill that has come from years of working in the industry. I'm proud of my work, and I feel it contributes to the industry. In the past, I've relied on my enjoyment in writing a post, post analytics and sharing on social media to get validation of the value. This time, I want to use paid membership.

I get not everyone agrees with this approach and won't sign up. I'm ok with that and I respect that decision.

And whatever, it's an experiment, so let's enjoy the experience!

My commitment to paid members

For premium members, my commitment is 12 posts in a year. I plan to post on average once a month, however writing is tough, and sometimes it's incredibly easy. Some months, I may miss a post. Some months, you may get two or three posts. I'll try to be as consistent as possible.

There are no refunds for unhappy customers, but if you are dissatisfied with the content, reach out and let me know what you'd like to see. For the truly dissatisfied, all you need to do is cancel your membership at any time.