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Product Excellence

Are you tired of convincing Product Managers to take extra time to build quality? Would you rather your role focus on the relationship between product and customer instead of user story and assert?

Take a look at my Product Excellence framework. It takes a holistic view of quality that spans product discovery, delivery, and support.

Product Excellence - Continuous Quality from Discovery to Support
Overview Introducing Product Excellence, a new framework that creates a single view of quality across discovery and delivery. Delivering small batches of customer value in isolation comes with a cost. As a strategy for risk reduction, it wins hands down. It can come up short as a strategy for delivering

Help me write this book!

I'm almost ready to put this online book into a publishable format. I need six more months of writing and then editing time. The end of the year seems like a reasonable timeframe. Since I shared my intention, I've received fantastic support from the community. Thank you 🙏

Please keep encouraging me; the final months are always challenging. You can help by giving feedback through comments, writing to me directly, or simply liking a post. It's all feedback that will help me understand the types of topics you find valuable.

Publishing the online Quality Coach Book
It’s hard to believe I posted about writing an online quality coach book two and a half years ago. It’s been a fascinating exercise in self-discipline. I’ve watched my membership grow from a few to almost 1000 subscribers. The book’s content has swelled to forty posts. Themes such as concepts,

Other writing

Courage in Exploratory Testing
Exploratory Testing doesn’t have ‘dutch courage’ to rely on. It requires us to have conversations about our information in potentially hostile environments. Sometimes we can feel like the lone fish swimming against the tide of the silent majority.

Picks from the Community

Platform Engineering seems to be the theme for this month!

Fooled by Microservices, APIs and Common Components
Ideas and experiences on software testing, software development, conference speaking and organizing.
Perils, Pitfalls and Pratfalls of Platform Engineering
Charity Majors discusses how platform engineering teams are different from other engineering teams, and presents some of the ways they run into traps and other troubles.
What quality attributes do developers care about?
Exploring Google’s Theory of Software Quality: Lessons from a Software Engineer’s Perspective
Engineering Joy
Talking about what makes an enjoyable and psychologically safe workspace on the Engineering Joy podcast.

Upcoming speaking engagements

I've got more talks coming up and once they're formally announced I'll add them here..

HUSTEF - Hungarian Software Testing Forum on LinkedIn: #hustef #softwaretesting #softwarequality
We proudly announce our first Keynote Speaker of HUSTEF 2024, the fantastic Anne-Marie Charrett! 🎉 We can't wait to meet her personally in Budapest - How…
Agile & Quality; Is quality *really* everyone’s responsibility?, Wed, Jul 24, 2024, 5:45 PM | Meetup
**Agile Quality - Is quality really everyone’s responsibility?** [Ann Marie-Charret](https://www.linkedin.com/in/testingtimes/) In Agile, quality is a shared responsibility

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