Quality Coach Newsletter 21

This month's guest writer, Allison Lazarz explains how a story impact checklist can help us improve quality.

Story Impact Checklists in Sprint Planning

Alison's article shows us how we can improve product quality early in sprint planning by adopting a checklist to prompt thinking on testing. I enjoyed reading Alison's journey of refining her checklist. Read about how we gradually refined her checklist to meet her team's needs.

Improve Your Sprint Planning with the Story Impact Checklist
Engineering Leadership

Moving at the Speed of Trust

There is a lot more to come on this topic. It explores the idea that we measure the speed of software delivery by the level of trust we can offer. Perhaps our ability to change things in our system depends on the trust levels we have built. I'm curious to explore what that world might look like.

Move at the speed of trust
“Move at the speed of trust. Focus on critical connections more than critical mass—build the resilience by building the relationships.” - Adrienne Maree Brown What is trust? Trust, according to my go-to source of truth, The Thin Book of Trust by Charles Feltman, is built on four elements: * sin…

Articles from the Community

So much great content being written. So much inspiration from great conferences.

Agile Testing Days 2023

Marianne Duijst shares her unique sketches from Agile Testing Days. Check them out!

AgileTD 2023: Artificial Intelligence, Quality & Community
The fifteenth edition of Agile Testing Days took place in Potsdam in November 2023. I hosted a workshop on Facilitation: Enabling Team Communication & Driving Change and gave a presentation Emb…

Is it a bug or a Feature request?

Elisabeth Zagroba is a great storyteller, and this one is no exception. Read how feature requests and bugs become blurred and why it happened.

You Don’t Have To Call It A Bug
Asking a developer to build a new feature got better results than asking them to fix a bug.

A year of AppSecurity

Read LisiHocke'ss account of her year learning AppSec

AskAppSec - Finding Closure
A blog about learning, agile product development and software testing.

Thank you for raising this!

Melissa Fisher shares a valuable insight into the power of gratitude.

Thank you for raising this problem!
Do you know what’s really awesome? When you raise a problem / quality concern and someone says to you -

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