Quality Coach Newsletter 20

Gap Analysis in DevOps

Gap Analysis in Devops is this month's article written by Katya Obring where she talks about the value a quality coach can generate by "mining" the gap. She gives tips to get started, the importance of feedback and aligning with organisational values. Well worth a read. Thanks, Katya for writing a guest post.

Gap analysis in Devops
Engineering Leadership

I am the power

And you are, too. We all are. Check out my leadership post that explains we all have energy within us; it's how we shape and frame it. This is one of those life lessons post. Owning and shaping your life takes courage and commitment, and it has brought me deep happiness and contentment. Perhaps not an article for everyone, but who knows, maybe someone out there will find it useful!

I am the power
To be precise, I am the energy. Power is energy applied. Power can be positive or negative. Energy just is. And that’s what I have. We all have it. But most times, it doesn’t feel like it, especially if things are not working out the way we want. Instead, we

Articles from the Community

I enjoyed this article from on pairing and how a tester's role is often about what others are missing.

Anyone can test but...
Ideas and experiences on software testing, software development, conference speaking and organizing.

Relatively new blog - Quality Boss aka Brienna Ransom shares her take on the quality assistance model.

Quality Assistance, Not Assurance
Adapted from a post I wrote in 2022 for work. I manage a team of five Quality Engineerings, supporting the work of approximately 100 software developers. A traditional approach to quality and softw…

For those who deal with regulatory requirements, "always honour the spirit of control".

Anxiety at Work

I was at the Sydney Tech Leaders meetup this month and listened to Artem Yakimenko talk on practical ways to reduce anxiety at work. Not recorded, but here are the slides

Artem Yakimenko on LinkedIn: Anxiety at Work - A communication guide for leaders
It was great to speak yesterday at the Sydney Tech Leaders. If you missed the talk or want to refer to the slides, they're now published on my Speaker…

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