🦋Quality Coach Newsletter 17

Prevent, Detect, Recover

Three words to get your team starting to think about quality right away! 😉. Prevent, Detect, Recover (PDR) is one of my favourite concepts to use with teams. It sticks and helps teams understand that quality is broader than testing.

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PDR in coaching upwards

You can see how I've used PDR as a coaching tool in Quality Opportunity Solution Tree. In this post, I've taken Teresa Torres concept and applied it to the context of quality.

Leadership in Tech is like a corset
Leadership is a corset. Are you aware of its constructs? A Leadership in tech perspective on leadership failures and a path forward
Prevent, Detect and Recover your way to predictable releases
The quest to deliver software predictably focuses on small batches. Prevention, detection & recovery of incidents reduce unplanned work is another way to improve predictability

Content from the Community

A lot of content this month. I couldn't put it all in so here are some ideas and posts I've found interesting.

🫱🏾‍🫲 How to Introduce QA Practices to Your Organization
🖥️ Whether your tech stack is brand new or teetering with age, any time is a good time to introduce Quality Assurance practices within your organization. What do I mean by QA practices? For this article, QA practices are defined by specific standards set within an organization that increases the pr…
Growing an experiment-driven quality culture
Learn about the actionable steps you can take to achieve an outstanding quality culture via experimentation.
On Expanding Universes and Fixed Envelopes
During the dotcom boom in the 1990s, I worked for a VC-funded internet startup. We ran on “web time” and took a move-fast-and-break-things approach.

That's it for this month! By the way, Agile 2023 was amazing. What a warm and welcoming community and keen to embrace other communities. And yes, the keynote was well received.

Agile 2023 Opening Keynote: Agile up your leadership game
Agile 2023 Opening Keynote: Agile up your leadership game

See you next month!