Quality Coach May Newsletter

Welcome to the May newsletter. I know it's June, but we've had an election in Australia and I was busy saving democracy.

This month in my premium content, the quality coach article explores the topic of Quality Improvement. Building on the sailboat retrospective workshop I show you how to prepare and run a workshop based on engineering-focused outcomes.

The article is packed with practical tips, questions to ask and even a timer to help you plan the workshop. There's even a custom Miro board for you to use.

Quality Improvement Workshop - Quality Coach Book
Quality Coaches, run this workshop to figure out team quality tasks prioritisation using the sailboat analogy. Instructions and a miro board help structure the workshop.

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I've selected some posts I've written on the subject of quality and its ecosystem in particular in Saas and tech organisations.

Quality needs to be driven by business outcomes
Business outcomes is what drives your quality engineering strategies. Find out what’s valued and work backwards to work out where to begin.
Reshaping Quality in Contemporary Organisations
To test well we need to rethink quality and how we can build quality in as opposed to testing for it at the end.
Threats to Quality
Instead of measuring quality - explore threats to quality and see if you can reduce these. Threats to quality are more than bugs

Software testing community

Some posts and content by people in the software testing community.  

Introduction To Accessibility Testing
Learn how to adopt an Accessibilty testing mindset and expand your testing with Deborah Reid
Sample More
Ideas and experiences on software testing, software development, conference speaking and organizing.

Have a great month!