🎃October 22 Quality Coach Newsletter, Halloween edition🎃

I know two newsletters in one month! How good is that? And since it's the month of Halloween, this edition is "Quality Coach Newsletter 2" and just like any classic Halloween movie, it is the sequel that is the best!  There are two bundles of goodness in this newsletter that couldn't wait until November.  

Quality Coaching MasterClass

Firstly, I've wrangled a discount for my popular and well-known one-day quality coach training masterclass held at Agile Testing Days in Berlin, Germany, on November 21st, 2022. This class brings this book to life. It displays the art of facilitation and leadership and how to drive change at a team level. There are still some seats left.

Use the promotion code  ATD2022-AMCha to get a €140 discount for my tutorial and the conference days (Nov. 22-24). Agile Testing Days has 90+ agile testing experts offering more than 100 knowledge-sharing sessions of talks, workshops and keynotes. Check out the details, and register here. It's a great conference and one not to miss!

Not based in Europe or can't attend in person? Agile Testing Days also offers a Virtual pass, which includes a live stream of 10 keynotes and 36 talks and on-demand access for three months to all the recorded sessions. Please note this doesn't have my training workshop, which requires in-house attendance.
This pass costs only a fraction of the in-person ticket. For most attendees, it costs €399 to enjoy nearly 50 sessions whenever you want.

And for you dear readers, you have a special discount of €199 using promo code SAVE200EUR. All you need to do is register here for the virtual pass. Want more info? Check out the details here.

Have you got questions? Uwe Gelfert is your go-to person to answer all queries and questions.

For me? I hope to see you there in person!

What is your org structure optimising for?

I penned some ideas on organisational structures based on the question, "what is your product leadership optimising for? Given how critical senior leadership is crucial to setting strategy and direction? How come we're not intentionally optimising for desired outcomes? Team Topologies goes some way to address this question for product teams, but there's nothing there on department structure. For example, is the role of CTO (Chief Technology Officer) still relevant? What should a CTO be optimising for? How does a CTO interact with a CPO (Chief Product Officer)? What is a good structure for saas companies? These are difficult questions to answer and I don't see people easily giving up existing power constructs, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't explore this space. Optimising our leadership space seems essential to ensure successful outcomes.

My open question, which I address in this post, "what is your org optimising for?" goes some way to exploring this space. Honestly? I don't feel I have all the answers on this topic. And I'd welcome your ideas. Check out the blog post and see what you think.

That's it! Happy Halloween! 👻🪦🧙