Some days Scarlett, I just don't give a damn...

Some days Scarlett, I just don't give a damn...

It doesn’t happen all the time, but some days its just hard to be motivated and inspired. Today is one of those days.
Perhaps its because it's a grey day, or that yesterday in Ireland was a public holiday and its hard to get motivated after a break, but today   it’s hard to get the creative and testing juices flowing.

I sometimes get like this whilst testing too.

Catherine Powell wrote a post on ‘just do it’ that helps me in these situations . Other strategies that I use are:

1) Break the work into small chunks

Then tick off the work as you go, you will start to feel that you are achieving something. Get up and move around between each piece of work.

2) Keep plowing through

Yes, you’re uninspired, fed up and have a strong urge to go AWOL. However, this is just a feeling, keep working through, keep testing. It will get better.

3) Change environment

If you can, try and test somewhere different to where you normally test. Move rooms or use a different PC. It’s surprising what a difference this can make

4) Play some music

I normally don’t play music while I test as I find it too distracting, but if the going is tough, then on go the earphones.

I know, not the most inspiring post in the world, but as as I said, it's one of those days.